Neil Rennie

Neil came on board during the pandemic in 2020 having just had his shows cancelled 3 weeks out. He was in the perfect position to grow and simply just needed some form of direction. One thing was very clear from the start, he had unfinished business with the stage and wanted to come back 2021 and finish what he started.

Recognising his potential we entered a gaining phase immediately with the sole focus on brining up body parts to suit the mens physique class. We also set ourselves a goal of not only placing but also winning a beginners category the following year. The off season went very well before we entered a prep come later December 2020 with a May 2021 showing in mind, where he did indeed pick up a win in the beginners category and another two along the way. After that season we both agreed he wasn’t a mens physique guy, but more suited the bodybuilding classes.

After another long off season we took the step up to novice/open class bodybuilding in 2022. What that lead to was Neil grabbing 4 x🥇and 1 x🥈in three shows. I was able to be there at two out of the three shows and I felt incredibly proud to see him take those wins, which were thoroughly deserved.

As the years go on this guy will simply continue to get better and better. I’m just grateful to be along for the ride.

Here is what Neil had to say about his journey:

“I’ve been working with Vaughan for 2.5 years now and I can honestly say it’s completely transformed me not only as an athlete but as a coach and a man. I first came on board in May 2021 one as the pandemic started, I was 3 weeks out from a cancelled show and due to the restrictions could no longer work viably as a 1 to 1 coach.

I needed direction and purpose and something to reignite my passion. After listening to the podcast I knew Vaughan was the right guy for me; his passion, attention to detail and psychological approach to coaching was evident to see. We jumped on a call and he told me give it a year and we will win a beginners mens physique category which I sniggered down the phone at with lack of belief.

Fast forward 12 months, a surplus and a successful prep, I stood on stage collecting a first place trophy at 2 bros. This grew my confidence and belief and we set about the huge task of moving from mens physique to novice bodybuilding. Together we worked relentlessly during a 14 month off season phase, pushing calories, bodyweight and training hard. He managed everything with multiple check ins and was always on hand to listen to my concerns.

We then started prep for shows and honestly the transformation in my physique was something I couldn’t comprehend. This season we added 16lbs of stage weight, came in as one of the most conditioned athletes across every show and in my first season as a bodybuilder took 4 first places and 1 second.

Vaughan has guided me through every step of the way and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without him. Any ‘coach’ can give out a training and nutrition plan; a great coach works with a person on a humanistic and individual level and truly cares. “