Neil Rennie

Neil came on board during the pandemic in 2020 having just had his shows cancelled 3 weeks out. He was in the perfect position to grow and simply just needed some form of direction. One thing was very clear from the start, he had unfinished business with the stage and wanted to come back 2021 and finish what he started.

Recognising his potential we entered a gaining phase immediately with the sole focus on brining up body parts to suit the mens physique class. We also set ourselves a goal of not only placing but also winning a beginners category the following year.

The off season went very well before we entered a prep come later December with a May showing in mind. Throughout the process it was evident that Neil doubted himself, when in fact, he need not to this what so ever. This is where understanding your athletes and their individual needs comes into play as a coach. Communication was almost daily by the end of prep and he not only won the beginners classed but also picked up another two placings along the way.

Here is what Neil had to say about his journey:

“Last April after listening to the whole of Vaughan’s podcast library I decided to reach out and ask for some guidance. As an accomplished coach myself I recognised the value in having someone in your corner as a way to learn and up skill not only your physique but also your own knowledge.

Recognising that you don’t know it all, and also being introspective enough to evaluate your own shortcomings and who can best help fill those gaps is to me extremely valuable. After listening and speaking to Vaughan I quickly realised that he was the guy I wanted to help grow me over the next few years as an athlete and a person.

Straight away it was clear to me his attention to detail, like minded nature to want to progress but most importantly his want to understand the psychology of the individual. When I first approached Vaughan it was just as the pandemic hit; I was at a place in my life where I felt like my world had been turned upside down. I had just came off the back of a 20 week prep where my show was cancelled 3 weeks out, my career as a one to one coach was no longer viable and honestly I was in a very mentally vulnerable place.

I needed a new focus, direction and a place I could direct positive energy. Straight away Vaughan came up with a plan of action for the next year. He said on the first day ‘you will win a beginners show’ to which I laughed.

But we got to work in the most productive off season I’ve ever had. We pushed food higher than ever, bodyweight to new and at times uncomfortable levels and performance through the roof. This gave me an incredible drive and something I could get truly passionate about.

In January still in the uncertainty of a pandemic we then decided to prep for the 2 bros shows at the start of May; a federation that is recognised as the top standard in the country. It was at this time Vaughan’s coaching truly showed it’s worth to me, and his understanding of my work ethic but at times my rollercoaster of emotions helped guide me to being in unequivocally the best shape of my life.

Come show day in May we took first place in the beginners at 2 bros.

Something I never thought possible when I sniggered down the phone only a year ago; but something he smuggly reminded me of straight after! I genuinely couldn’t have done it without him and surpassed all my own expectations; which has helped instill a level of confidence in me that I never had before. However this is just the beginning of myself and Vaughan’s coaching relationship, and I really can’t wait to pursue the next chapter with him in my corner.”