Rachael Doherty

This isn’t just a before and after, this is life changing. When Rachael first came on board it was apparent that she had a belief of what she could/couldn’t achieve. These limiting beliefs were down to her past experience and attempts at dieting before. All I asked her was to go all in and that after a short while she would not recognise herself.

In the early stages we set out to pull body fat levels down to a point where she felt comfortable, confident and could be in a position to enter a gaining phase. It was apparent that she would follow the gym program and meal plan down to the letter but what we needed to focus on was helping her manage stress more effectively. This involved her trying new methodologies which she welcomed with open arms.

You see the before and after, but what you don’t see is how much she has changed as a person. Her confidence has grown over the years and that has been a direct result of pushing herself not only in the gym but also in life. I am incredibly grateful to be part of her journey and know that the one to the stage will be an even bigger one.

Heres what Rachael had to say about her journey:

“After loosing a few kilo’s on my own, I was plateauing with my weight loss. I saw Vaughan’s client transformation on Instagram, knowing one of the women he’d coached for years, I reached out and she sang Vaughans praises. I started with Vaughan Jan 2018 with goals in mind for loosing weight for a friends wedding. And after that, I wanted to get strong.

Being in a bad place mentally when I started, I spiralled down further in the first 6 months of starting my coaching with Vaughan, he was there not just for the gym and fat loss guidance, he very much there for any and all stresses I was having, helped me find techniques and methods to reduce stress in my life that worked for me.

My day is a lot more structured with daily goals set, from gym, to steps, to cardio, to macros. When I tick these things off, which is now a habit two years later, it still gives me a wee rush of feeling accomplished.  I have a healthier relationship with food, I don’t kick myself for eating “bad” foods, or treating myself to a meal out, I’ve learnt how to change up my daily meals to allow myself what I want when I want it (for the most part!).

From he 1:1 support received as well as the group of women in the WhatsApp group, the support has been there every step of the way. I am finally able to wear the styles, and clothes that I only ever dreamed of wearing. not only that, creating such methodical habits has proven to myself I can do a lot more than I thought I could. I’ve changed my career path. I’m back at school getting my masters.  It’s not just the confidence I have gained in my body, but figuring out my self worth as well. And (currently) one is feeding the other right now. And it feels bloody brilliant.”