Rhianne Campbell

Rhianne came on board to complete a body transformation for a photoshoot. Whilst Covid-19 stopped that plan in its tracks, she still achieved an outstanding transformation. It didn’t stop her doing this in 2021.

Although Rhianne had attempted dieting phases in the past, she had unfortunately been unsuccessful in seeing them through, as she easily became frustrated when things stopped changing. This frustration mostly came from seeing little to no change in her scale weight over the course of a week, which she would take as an indicator of no progress and give up. As such, during her journey, I took the time to educate her on how small changes to food and activity can elicit further changes in our body composition and contribute towards weekly progress seen in the physique.

Critically though, her mindset of only attributing progress to scale weight was something we worked on at length together. Over the weeks, we spoke in depth about the possible and probable body weight fluctuations she would see on a day to day basis. For example, with our meticulous tracking of data, we had noticed a trend whereby her body weight would fluctuate most in the lead up to her menstrual cycle. Having this knowledge was empowering to her, as it gave her a logical reason, amongst other factors, as to why body her weight would hold or increase even when she was dieting. Learning about these contributing factors alleviated any stress she may have experienced when observing that variability in her scale weight.

In addition, we realised that her previous dieting attempts has been unsuccessful due to a lack of consistency. This prompted us to focus a lot on ensuring she was “ticking the boxes”, which motivated her to perform all of her daily tasks to the best of her ability. Unsurprisingly, the knock-on effects of this brutal consistency and perseverance were very apparent in her weekly check-in pictures. Knowing that she was doing everything required made it easy to ensure body fat was mobilised each week. Her old mindset of worrying about ‘scale weight’ was abolished and replaced instead with a focus on how she looked.

Here is what Rhianne had to say about her journey:

“I reached out to Vaughan because I wanted to get in the best shape of my life. He taught me the mindset to achieve this and really helped push me to my potential. He has taught me that if you work hard and believe in yourself you can achieve it. The training and nutritional principles he instilled in me will be ones I will continue to use. I can’t thank him enough, I’ve learned so much.”