Ryan Mulvey

Ryan first came on board in 2020 with the goal of competing. I was honest with him from the start and said he needed a bit more tissue but this is something we could definitely do within the next couple of years. Therefore we got to work with the aim being to compete in 2022.

Over the years we experienced some issues when lockdown #2 arrived. However Ryan found a way to train and I still remember him sending me videos squatting in his back garden with snow around him that he had swept to the side. What this clarified in my head was just how much Ryan wanted this and loved the process.

Ryan was always one for learning and would ask a lot of questions along the way that I was happy to answer and that ultimate benefited his own coaching with his own clients. After a couple of extended gaining phases he had the tissue required to set on stage. We set out sights for a first timers bodybuilding category which Ryan went on to take 🥇. In his subsquent shows there after he took another 2 x 🥇 and 1 x🥈, along with GBO/UKUP pro status awarded.

Here is what Ryan had to say about his journey:

“Vaughan was recommended to me by a friend at my old gym so I checkout out his Instagram and website. Instantly I knew he was knowledgable and had a lot of experience working with athletes so I decided to book a consultation call and the rest was history.

The thing I love about Vaughans coaching is that he educates as he takes you through the process he doesn’t just tell you what to do. I’ve pretty much learned how to control an off season and gradually put on tissue without putting on excess body fat as well as learning when to take the foot of the gas and keep recovery as a priority. When it came to starting prep I’ve learned how to gradually lose bodyfat, understand the process of how to reduce kcals or increase exercise output and again manage recovery as when your in a deficit your body is already under stress, managing stress from training is very important.

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again I’d not have anyone else coach me but Vaughan. The service I receive is top quality. He will always put his athletes first and make sure they’re moving forward towards their goals. There’s no waiting around for replies unless he informs you he might be a little busy. Being a coach myself it’s easy to question everything but I trust Vaughan and his knowledge so much that there’s no doubts, if I don’t understand something he will break it down and make it easier for me to digest the information.

Before I was a lad who just trained like a powerlifter who wanted to be bigger. I eventually decided I wanted to go down the bodybuilding route and since doing that and signing up to VW Physique my whole life has changed for the better. I’m doing something I love, the sport I have so much passion for and I’m proud to say I have a coach there who supports me and makes sure I progress no matter what life throws in my way.”