Sam Flint

I have known Sam for years as he’s a coach in the same city as me so when he reached out to me to help optimise his training, achieve big results but also educate him I jumped at the oppertunity.

The aim has been to go through each phase laying it out for him so he can learn and apply it into his coaching, we have went through a long and productive gaining phase into a photoshoot prep and now we set our sights on him getting back on stage with an improved package.

Here’s what Sam had to say about his journey:

“Being a coach in Dundee myself I had heard of Ally, and the results he had got with his clients. I first got talking to Ally on Instagram and felt it would be best for my progress to work with a coach close to home. I was not disappointed with putting my full trust in Ally to guide my bodybuilding journey.

Having been training in a gym for the last 10 years, and only really taking it seriously in the last 3 years, it hasn’t been until I started working with Ally (start of 2020) I noticed the biggest changes – both in my physique and in my business. His no BS coaching approach, along with his knowledge of navigating the data on my check ins has really suited me well and that shows in the results him and me have achieved together, starting with a photoshoot and with the aim of hitting the stage in the coming years.

I couldn’t be happier with how I’ve progressed under Ally’s tutelage and I very much look forward to seeing my physique, and business, grow even more.”