Scott Brodie

I’ve known Scott for years and when he approached me to help him build a more all-round balanced physique, I jumped at the opportunity. He had great potential and was keen to learn throughout the process which made this transformation an easy one.

I could see that Scott knew how to train but what he lacked was intensity and proper execution. I analysed his movements and helped him improve the efficiency of each lift. This allowed him to connect with the target muscle group whilst we placed emphasis on getting brutally strong.

He was very confident with tracking his nutrition as he ate very high-quality foods, but I helped him adapt it towards performance and making sure he was energized for sessions.

This entire prep was done with him training at home during the global pandemic. This meant limited equipment, limited load and no access to any cardio equipment. My coaching was really a case of getting the most from the little we had and educating him along the way.

Here’s what Scott had to say about his journey:

“I wanted results I knew I was capable of getting but needed guidance on how to get there. Ally had a lot of social proof and that made me know he was the right coach to help. He instilled more clarity and motivation in me to get result I wanted and use my energy efficiently. The biggest thing I learned was to adhere, not overcomplicate things and be patient!”