Scott Lannon

If you diet down to extreme low levels of body fat you’ll know that you are often met with obstacles along the way. For the most part these are easy enough to work around, but for Scott, there was one in particular that forced us to adapt and overcome.

Two weeks into coaching, Covid19 shut down gyms. Where many would panic and throw in the towel, Scott asked what needed to be done, got his hands on lots of equipment and continued as normal, seemingly unfazed by the global pandemic.

Throughout dieting he experienced a monumental amount of stress in his personal life which could have been the breaking point. But we made sure we jumped on call at any given moment and talked things through.

Two weeks into Scotts prep they shut the gyms. 14 weeks after, they were still closed, and the transformation simply speaks for itself. I could not be more proud of this guy if I tired.

Here’s what Scott had to say about his journey so far:
“The coaching I received from Vaughan throughout the past 4 months have been invaluable. With lockdown, and personal bumps along the way. He kept me on the correct path towards the end goal and always reminded me of how far we had come whenever things got rough. To finally see the end results is phenomenal and I can’t thank Vaughan enough for his guidance. This is just the beginning.”