Shelley Johnson

When Shelley first came on board the prospect of a shoot seem very daunting to her. In fact it was something we put on the back burner and instead just focused on getting back into a solid routine and dropping a little bit of body fat.

She did this with somewhat ease and then went into her first ever gaining phase, it was after a few months of progressive training and a lot of new muscle added that the thought of doing a photoshoot re-emerged.

Therefore after the length gaining phase we entered prep where we initially planned to do two shoots: one ‘warm up’ shoot so she could get used to it, then the main one, 7 weeks later. What you see above is our ‘warm up’ shoot and the images she got were superb. Due to work commitments we had to pull out of the later planned shoot but it did not stop her from smashing prep up until this point.

Here is what Shelley had to say about her journey:

“I first reached out to Vaughan when I was listening to a podcast he was featuring in, something about hearing the ways he talked about fitness and coaching (combined with his super calming scottish accent :D) really made me feel like I could get in touch and feel comfortable with him. I was in a very dark place mentally and my fitness, which I was usually so passionate about, had gone out the window. Vaughan was super quick to reply to me and even though I was apprehensive about the 1-to-1 initial call, a couple of minutes in and I felt right at ease.

Vaughan is super thorough in the way he handles his coaching, taking into consideration my hormone imbalance, past workout regimes, my working schedules – everything. I owe everything to Vaughan in getting me out of the black hole I was once in and bringing back my love of training, routine and all round fitness.

I pushed myself to new levels I never thought were possible for me and I experienced a whole new level of training and dieting, I couldnt have done it without his very structured, organised and very professional guidance.

Due to a change up of work schedules and travelling, I am currently taking a break from the coaching life but once things settle down, I will be back and I would never choose another coach over Vaughan.

For anyone wanting to either compete, do a shoot or generally just find their way back into fitness, Vaughan is the one!

Thank you for everything, it’s been a blast!”