Steven Fitchet

Steve is a great client but an even better friend. Over the 2-3 years we have trained together we have supported each other through preps for shows/shoots and both made each other better. When he asked me to take the reins for a while, I was honoured. The one thing I knew, he would put in the work, the one thing I needed to help him with, was structure.

Originally we set out to prepare for a bodybuilding show, some 1.5-2 years away from the beginning of coaching. We mapped out the journey and all our actions, decision making revolved around this. It was only after a while that he decided the stage was something he no longer wished to pursue and instead, he became more business focused. That being said, we adapted our thought process and decided a performance based photoshoot would be our target.

This was all decided, done and achieved through the covid19 pandemic and I have to say, I am so dam proud of him. In 2020 many things are uncertain but there is one thing that is, he has a bright future ahead. Here is what Steve had to say about his journey:

“Originally I reached to see how a coach I respect a lot operated day to day. How you are with clients, what systems you have in place. I wanted to learn and develop as a coach firstly. Another goal was to level up my physique. I lacked direction. I love to train but I wanted to have a focus, a goal to work towards.

Along the way I learned that although I’ll always love bodybuilding and I’ll always respect competitors, it’s just not for me or my brand. I was a bodybuilder that didn’t coach or want to coach bodybuilders. My physique now represents my brand perfectly now and that’s a massive lesson you taught me.

Your support, knowledge and want to deliver the absolute best service to your clients is incredible. Something again I’ve took from working with you.”