Stewart Chalmers

Stewart came on board initially because he had spent a few years being frustrated not getting to where he wanted to be whenever he tried to diet. From the off set I could see he trained very hard and that this wouldn’t be an issue. There were however some small key things we needed to work on to overcome his previous plateaus.

Being a a shift worker and often working ‘on call’ meant his nutrition was inconsistent at time. He had previously thought foods were ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but after some lengthy discussions we were able to find a diet that suited his likes and improved his relationship with food. He no longer felt restricted or the need to binge and over eat.

He fell in love with the process which led to him reaching new levels of muscle mass whilst seeing his strength sky rocket on a week to week basis. Well over a year into the process I suggested we did a photoshoot in the coming months and he jumped at the opportunity.

The results truly do speak for themselves on this guys relentless pursuit to improve his physique and I look forward to seeing what he can do in the future.

Here is what Stuart had to say about his journey so far:

“After years of training on and off and always getting frustrated getting to the same point and never managing to progress past it I turned to Vaughan for coaching. He has educated me on nutrition, proper form and supplementation. I’ve learned how my body works and responds  and since working with Vaughan for the last 21 month my lifestyle has totally changed. I’ve always had the motivation to train and diet but it wasn’t fun training to much  and not eating  enough. Vaughan has taught me to eat more of the right things, giving me more energy to train harder and I am now able to incorporate the treats I enjoy into my lifestyle instead of all in or all out mentality,I’m now eating more of the things I love and my body looks 100x better than before.”