Thomas Skyes

I’ve known Thomas for years as we played basketball together growing up. When he first reached out in 2019 it was simply to have a chat about business, coaching and what it was like to get lean. At the time I was roughly 2 weeks out from a photoshoot. It was that conversation that struck Thomas interest in dieting to extremes and it first started off with the idea of doing a photoshoot.

He completed that with ease and the images were fantastic. However, after one goal was ticked off, there then left a void of ‘what’s next’. It was quickly there after we had a discussion about competing in Mens Physique. Thomas did not simply want to compete for the sake of doing it, he wanted to be competitive. Therefore our agreed goal and target  (that we set in 2019) was to be top 3 in Britain. From there our programming was aligned to ensure he brought up those areas that Mens Physique place emphasis on and we got to work.

Thomas was meticulous in everything he did and it made my job that much easier. He would asked questions when he wasn’t sure on things, he would take on board constructive feedback and then come back better. We had endless chats about business, client case studies and physiology that I enjoyed thoroughly. In the three years we worked together I don’t think we could have done anything differently than what we did to get the results we achieved and I was super proud, grateful and privileged to be part of his journey.

In 2021, he stepped on stage for the first time, grabbingđŸ¥ˆin his class. We wrapped up the season by grabbingđŸ¥‰in the WNBF British Finals, just like we had planned all those years ago.

Here is what Thomas had to say about his journey:

“I have known V for a long time! We played basketball together as kids. I then followed Vaughan since he started PTing years ago. I remember seeing the photo he shares of where he started and the videos of him swinging a kettlebell. But once I set my own business up and seen the amazing results he was achieving I wanted to meet him and discuss getting really lean myself. The nail in the coffin was that time we met and you were a couple weeks out from a shoot or show and I could see how hard keeping your head up was and for some reason I knew I wanted to know what that felt like. I knew V was the man to get me through that process.

I worked with V for 3 years I believe. We spoke about everything from business, getting results, clients that I want to work with, different processes in the body, my levels of stress… A lot. I think the one thing that stands out to me in the importance of ‘health’. I always just wanted a six pac or to get bigger muscles but once I worked with V I seen the importance of being healthy while working towards these things.

The service was incredible – he is always there if I needed anything answering. During my prep last year I was getting responses within minutes of checking in and I was checking it at about 5am. The attention to detail was amazing too. I really enjoyed working with VW Physique.

Working with V changed my entire perspective on coaching, training, bodybuilding, nutrition, being healthy, what I can achieve, who I want to be and how I need to work to get there. It has been life changing. Thank you for that!”