Vaughan Wilson

It is one thing to talk to the talk but what separates Vaughan from other coaches out there is that he walks the walk. Four years ago, he had one omnipresent thought and that was simply to be better than he was yesterday, at all cost.

Before his journey began, he would go about his day to day life as a personal trainer, not really having any direction, knowledge, or structure in relation to where his physique was headed. At this point, he felt insecure and a lack of fulfilment from his physique. This prompted him to start a chain reaction and make the first of many changes that would allow him to become the person he knew he could be.

The first step was to create a five-year vision, a crystal-clear picture of where he wanted to be in 1825 days. This meant hiring a coach, ticking the boxes daily, and living and breathing bodybuilding. That commitment came with an engrained understanding and appreciation of the long road ahead, yet it fuelled the determination to achieve the physique he had always dreamed of. He could see himself in that body – he just had to work on it, one rep, one set, one day, week, month, year, at a time.

Like most who embark on a long journey, he doubted himself along the way, questioning whether or not he would ever actually get there. This demanded a continuous assessment and evaluation of his progress, to ensure that he was not deterred from the path laying ahead, and that the desired physique was the one being built too.

Along the way, many people doubted him, but as the years drew on, the questions changed from ‘why’ to ‘how’.

On the 15th of March 2020, he won the beginners and open class D classic physique category at the 2brospro show in Manchester. This win was the culmination of 4 years of relentless hard work, that saw Vaughan achieve his intended goal with a whole year to spare.

Here is what Vaughan has to say about his journey:

“So, what’s next? In the same way I push every client to become an elite version of themselves, I’m doing the same with myself too. The goal posts have moved. The bar is now set higher. Placing first was great. But showing who I am at the 2brospro British Finals 2021 alongside my team will be even better.”