Vikki Carr

When Vikki came on board she had plenty of experience in the gym but had never seen a big change in her physique. Not only that, she didn’t fully believe the potential she had and had almost given up trying to get the body she always wanted. All I asked of her was to the follow the plan and commit to it 100% and she would achieve a result she didn’t think was possible.

A coaching began it was apparent Vikki knew how to train. She moved well and all that was left for me to do was refine execution. This involved continually reminders not to simply chase load, but to chase a perfect set with each rep looking the same as the one before.

Her nutrition for the most part was very good, however, she lacked the consistency that was needed to completely transform her physique. I simply had to educated her on what it takes to pull down to low levels of body fat and guide her through the tough times.

Here is what Vikki had to say about her journey:

“I reached out as I needed some serious knowledge and guidance. Had goals and tried lots of plans/diets along the way….I never stuck to it. I needed someone who would be honest with me and give me the kick up the arse I needed, pure honest advice whether it was positive or negative. I needed someone to criticise where needed work and push me to improve on even what was good.

I have learnt that what you put in your body has much more of a place than eating shit then trying to out weigh that by training and cardio. My life now is completely different I love working on me, I love being organised each week in what and when im training/eating. I’ve mostly learnt that being accountable for your actions and choices is paramount and just get it done.”