Zoe Carradice

Zoe came on board with just a few weeks left till her planned show. Moving coaches so close to any show in itself can be very stressful for any athlete therefore I made sure to give her as much support as I possible could.

This meant getting her set up within a day of our phone call, getting her to check in regularly and also encouraging her to do shows I felt she would do well in. Our initial consult call her words were “I don’t think I’m good enough to place in PCA or FitX but I’d love to do it.” I somewhat disagreed with her and told her I thought she would be very competitive.

That being said she did a PCA, FitX on top of our original planned show and absolute smashed it, grabbing 3 x🥈in each show we did together. I was super grateful to have been part of her journey and help her achieve something she didn’t think possible.

Here is what Zoe had to say about her journey:

“I reached out to Vaughan because I wasn’t enjoying my previous coaching and only had a number of weeks until my next show. Not many coaches would take on someone so close to a show but Vaughan took my on board and was so quick to set me up with a plan and put my mind at ease. Vaughan held me accountable more than I ever had before which is what I needed and made me feel like a priority. I felt cared for and appreciated. Vaughan was always available for anything I needed and provided loads of encouragement. He was quick to reply and adjusted anything needed.

I learned how important it is to have a coach that works along side you and with you as opposed to a dictatorship style of coaching. Even though Vaughan was competing himself at the same time and one of the same shows – he made me feel like his priority and was always making sure I was ok 🥰. I reccomend Vaughan to everyone as he is knowledgable, professional and reliable. Thanks so much for all your help V!!”